Planting Plan

Stage 3

This could be the next stage in your larger project, or a separate Planting stand-alone service.

In addition to design considerations, there are many factors which impact the choice of planting, including (but not exclusively):

  • level and frequency of available maintenance
  • appetite for bird and wildlife support
  • plant foliage and flower colour preferences
  • shapes, textures, fragrance, movement sound
  • soil type and pH, light levels, compass aspect
  • moisture levels

Soil samples may be taken in several places to identify the soil type, the aspect noted and amount of light across the space is reviewed. This information enables us to choose the right plants for the site. These are shown on detailed layout plans with individual plants represented by circles, including plant varieties and species, quantities and spacing. The full schedule of plants is prepared and can be sent to trade nurseries for quotations. Guideline maintenance plans ensure the garden can be kept as planned. We can arrange for as much support as desired, with planting.

We use generous planting schemes and seek to incorporate indigenous species where appropriate: always aiming to work in harmony with Nature. It can be arranged that they are planted as part of the contract or for you to do yourself.

If part of a larger project, the plants will go in when the heavy work is done and will be sourced and set out according to planting plans.
If chosen as a stand-alone service, after our on-site consultation, you will receive a written costed proposal outlining our available services.

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