Garden Design Process

How does this work?

Firstly, we look at the practicalities. On first enquiry, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire to gather basic requirements that you have around how you want to be able to use the space: (To include growing vegetables? entertaining? children? pets? Any access considerations? Any privacy screening? The level of maintenance you anticipate?). You’ll also be asked about the available budget.

Secondly, we work to understand you: how do you want your garden to look and make you feel?

Third-the clever part- is to combine technical and horticultural knowledge with an artist’s eye, to design your special space.

Finally, we can also act on your behalf to ensure the contractor completes the job according to the design and specification.

What can I expect?

Once we have your questionnaire and any other relevant information or images that you have, an on-site consultation will be arranged. There is a fee for this which will be deducted from any subsequent chargeable work.

The initial consultation starts with a visit to your garden including a thorough examination of the terrain, situation and existing plants and features. We discuss all your garden design requirements and ideas about how you want to use your garden or landscape. You may wish to assist the design process by collecting and sharing images and articles of gardens and planting that you like. After the meeting you will receive a written client brief and fee estimate. This clarifies the scope of the project.

Then we move on to our key services:

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Garden Design Services

You will be guided through every process from the initial meeting to completion of your garden or landscape design. The role of the garden designer is to imaginatively interpret your aspirations, maximise the potential of your property and to act on your behalf to ensure the contractor completes the job according to the design and specification.

Creative Vision

The first step is to survey the garden, taking measurements and levels to analyse the site along with a series of photographs. The garden is then designed, and a sketch plan produced along with a series of perspective drawings.


Detailed Garden Design

Detailed design comes with a full specification document to pass on to the landscape contractor of your choice, or we can help identify and appoint, if you prefer. We offer a supplementary site inspection role during the build process.


Planting Plan

The right plants in the right places for your special space, are determined after careful consideration of many factors. These are shown on detailed layout plans with individual plants represented by circles, including plant varieties, and species, quantities and spacing.



We can apply the same garden design principles to your interior spaces and provide guidance for extending your garden- indoors.